My name is rubangakene innocent i am C4s group member 2017 this is my blogs about entebbe zoo wild life conservation.                                                                                                    it was a nice trip i made,i enjoy it ,we also swim at the lake Victoria                                             the Entebbe zoo  were opened in 1952 by the colonial government in Uganda near lake Victoria,it was started as the center for receiving animals with wound,injury,orphan,sick,casualties etc.                                                                                                then  in may 1994 the Entebbe zoo was change to Uganda wildlife education center.{UWEC}it was founded by trust foundation.for the primary studies purposes.from there i saw many animals me actually i was not expected that i will saw them such as lion,elephant,cheetah,leopard,ostrich,crested crane,impala,hyena,rhino,buffaloes,zebra,giraffe etc




My name is Rubangakene Innocent,I am fourteen years old,i am C4s members.One day we C4s group member,visit a certain place called Katende Harambe.This place mainly they do farming and also people learn about farming from there.

When we go there i learn may thing about farming such as type of garden,type of system of keeping animal,keeping fish,growing crops,and also how to use cows dung to  make bio gas.The type of garden include sacks garden,this one they uses sacks [opiro] by putting soil in the sack.veranda garden in this they uses veranda by putting soil into the veranda.Tyre garden in this  one they uses Tyre to plant crops by putting soil into the Tyre.

I learn about the animal called guinea pigs and other animal like cows,goats12065624_1473732256268975_5385666123995953248_n


Hi, i am AKERA INNOCENT from the butterfly project. I joined the butterfly project this year 2017 and am very happy to be here as their member with my mates from different places.


Akera Innocent 

.On the 13th of October,we as the cohort 4 had a trip to Entebbe airport as well as the zoo and we came to know that Entebbe airport was started in 1947 which we never knew before until we were taken by the organisation i have mentioned above. It was very interesting because we never knew that we will go there as to why that we are from the northern part of Uganda and we don’t know about any project called the Butterfly project.We thanked them very much because they are equal in picking their members randomly not only from one part of Uganda.From the village i never knew that i will go to the biggest airport of Uganda because i am from a very far remote village in Agago district near Pader called Pakor Dungu. After that we went to Entebbe national zoo which i didn’t expect to go too,


Behind us was the giraffes (c4’s 2017 )

From there, it was written that it was opened in 1952.In 1960’s, it changed its role to traditional zoo. Entebbe means in local Luganda language as ‘seat’.And it was probably named that because it was a place where the Buganda chief sat to adjudicate legal cases.We saw lots of animals and before we entered into to the zoo, there was a notice saying: ‘ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS TOO’.When you tease, harass,touch ,disturb ,shout or throw stones at them, they get angry and hurt just as you would.So we were advised that we should not do those things so that we would have nice trip in the zoo.we did as said by the supervisor not to do anything on them.We as the butterfly members we learnt that animals are friendly to human beings because they don’t harm when you do not disturb them.It was very educative to us as students because we came to know many animals and birds with their latin names (scientific names) e.g African rock python and the latin name is python sebae  and many others like crested cranes,Monkeys under sub topic called animals in the surroundings

which are taught in Biology. So they should also send as many children as possible to the zoo because of its interesting and educative not only for us the c4’s to get that knowledge but also other young generations from various places they will choose.And to all those who read my blog , take also your children to the zoo so they can also get the knowledge about the animals we live with in our environment and to relax themselves as well because it will keep the child’s mind also away from some problems they run through in their life as children.I will be grateful if you do what we did.


The water there is having acid which prevents baboons fro getting away from the forest.


A crested crane in the fence




My mate standing near the monkey

Our trip to Katwe

It was the most favourite journey for me and the most exciting place for me ever tovisit, CHESS CLUB CENTRE.The place is located in Katwe, in central Kampala.The club was started by Robert Katende in 2003. It is well known by people because the girl named Phiona Mutesi, Queen of Katwe  did this up to 4th level

In a hurry we started we started to prepare our board games for the journey we load our stuff in a taxi and set off with Ben Parkinson and Alex Obeki.  On the way I saw craft pieces like wooden pots.  We rode up to the way that branch to the chess club centre

When we arrived they warmly  welcome us in a room on the wall there was a photo of all the champions, some of whom I could remember from the film. After sitting for a while they got organised and come to teach us  the chess lessons when they were prepared they teach us,and we enjoyed the lesson


It was our turn to teach them our board games when we had lunch we teach them board games like Pit, Conquest, Narnia etc.   I was supposed to teach Conquest since no one knows how to play that game very well among the C.4 members except for me.


It looks like Chess, but it is in fact Conquest. I am on the right


After we were done we had a short speech with them they held a short prayer and they told to come next time when Phiona came from UK, after we all get on to get the taxi.

My Blog about the Gamechangers Holiday in Koro

I am the second one from the left – this was our Art Arena game

My name is Francis Ogen.  I am 12  and this is my blog about our holiday in Koro. We reached in Koro at around 5:15pm and that was on Tuesday 29th August.  Our generator did not arrive on Tuesday, so that evening we had no light, as we could not find paraffin for the lamps.

On Wednesday we started doing our activities that take us up to Koro  and they started with board games, followed by active games after then followed by Art Arena which me , Rubangakene and Akera we are handling .That day they did not do drama on Wednesday evening, as we watched Jungle book.  I enjoyed doing the activities with the kids that day.  We also did sports at the end of the day, like volleyball and football, which was fun.

On Thursday  after taking our breakfast we started doing the activities and that was around 9:00am. After starting with active games and followed with board games and then art. That day our parents came to visit us and then they left at around 3:30pm.  I was happy to seemy father again, as we had been in Kampala since February.  After then drama was the last activity to be done on Thursday and that Thursday evening we watched Transformers, the Movie.

On Friday we took our breakfast and after taking we started doing activities at around 9:00am in the morning.  The first activities to be done were board games and those stopped at around 10:00am after active games followed. They stopped at around 12:00am then art arena followed and it started at around 2:00 pm then stopped at around 3:00pm after drama was the last activities to be done on Friday. On Friday evening we watched City of Embers.  The weather gradually worsened during the week and the area for games became muddy, yet this did affect our enjoyment.

On Saturday we took our breakfast and start doing activities 9:00am morning the first activity to be done was board games and it stopped at around 11:00am and then followed by active games it stopped at around 12:00am after drama followed then it stopped at around 2:00am Art Arena was the last activity to be done during evening we watched Narnia.  We also had special food in the evening – burgers and fried bread and the food generally all week was nice.

On Sunday we take our break at around 9:00am and then we start our journey back home

That mark at the end of my blog.

Game Changers Uganda 2017

l am Kenneth OGamechangersUganda2chola ,age 16 and am a member of Butterfly Project as Cohort 3. We have traveled to Koro recently to carry out a number of activities namely; active games, Board game , Art Arena and Board game Drama mainly carried out by the C4. But the  main issue that took me there was mainly to form Board-game clubs which is Koro Board game club and Gulu Board game Club which we had tough the children most of the Board game we had  with us .

My main aim was to teach the children most of the Board games which we managed to do so and the children will  play and teach other new recruits who have joined during our absence, l formed the clubs with a round 22 members from the Koro Board game Club and 4 from the Gulu board game club which l grouped they according to their location where they stay whereby the children from Koro  and the near by villages  were members of Koro Board game club and those who lived far  away from Koro towards Gulu town were members of Gulu Board game Club.

During my stay there l was working with a team of C4 to teach most of the Board games to the children which made my work easy during the four days up there in Gulu, l had made the membership cards which is to go to each individual in the group l formed up there in the Koro center and gave out their membership cards on the second last day of the activities, the membership cards  was to show that they have learned a number of Board games and willing to play and teach others .

The Koro Board game club is the active group with many members and they will meet every saturday at the Koro Center and am looking forward to find a place of meeting of the Gulu Board game club which means it’s not active at the moment but they are free to come to Koro Center and team up as a team and play Board game on weekends.

In each club  l have selected group leaders  who will  assist me run the clubs during my absence that they will pick out the Board games  them are going to play or teach others .We have left most our Board game in Koro which l hope they will play them during Saturday’s at the Koro Center and there were activities that took place as l have mentioned earlier.

By   Kenneth Ochola


nanciesI am  Nancy  Lakot,  one of the  Butterfly  members  from  northern Uganda  I was recruited in 2010 (Cohort 2),   since we have suffered from war in Northern Uganda  and had massive problems in our village where many people lost their lives. This was sad moment for many who lost their loved ones.   To me it was to stand up for to be strong and have goal in life.  In 2009 when people went back to their villages, many people faced different problems and mostly girls they were not allowed to go to school since people in the village thought that girls are not capable of education.   They thought girls would not pass exams and this made me develop a passion to be a leader in my village.  When I grow up I want to be able to change my community one day and since my daddy has given us the opportunity to study in one of the remote primary school in the village, this made me feel sad for other girls who are not going to school.

When I was recruited in the Butterfly Project as member 2010 I learnt so many things and I became   more passionate about changing my community and empowering young girls that they have the same right like everyone in the villages and giving them different options so that they do not marry early. I did this using MUSIC, DEBATE, SONG AND EVEN TRAINING IN SELF ESTEEM AND HIV AWARENESS.nanciees.jpg

In 2012 the Slum Run was founded by Francis Ssuuna, a friend of mine in the Butterfly Project.  Running was one of the key activities to support the disadvantaged children from slum areas like the Acholi Quarter to help fight poverty in Uganda.  I participated as a runner because I wanted to show that girls can do anything, though people in Uganda don’t think that girls have any hope to be good at athletics.  I was one of a few that participated and our participation encouraged many girls to be running in the Slum Run today.

I was not in Kampala for the more recent years but came back to Kampala this year for my A levels.  I won’t be running but my role on 27th November will be to welcome guests and show them around the exhibitions that we will be having here at the Centre.

I have also been working on the displays, which will show the work of the Kireka centre and the new centre up in Koro near Gulu, where I have spent some time during this year with the girls’ empowerment activities.  I am ready to explain to visitors about all the activities that have been going on in the Butterfly Centre and the impact that the Butterfly Project are having in the community

Also the Slum Run has kept many of the young people working in the quarries in school due to the support the Butterfly Project was able to give to them and also helped them to stay out of the quarry or collecting scrap which many of them used to do. Today, the Slum Run is big compared to the one I ran in 2012, it’s fun for the kids and makes them happy.

To support the Slum Run click here.