Dear all,

I would like to thank you all wherever you are.I am Lamaro Sharon a member of the butterfly project.

Sharon Lamaro -14

Sharon Lamaro -14

I live in the Northern part of Uganda(GULU).This is the poem to show that this project has helped

many children in Uganda especially those in the villages and slums.

                   ” Butterfly project 

It has been a beautiful moment when i met you .

 You have helped many children both in villages and slums

And you are still helping and supporting the children up to

Now around the world and i am very happy with what you

Are doing ,i pray that you should not loose that spirit

I have learnt a lot from you and experienced new things

In my life and you have made me to have a dream

for my community and that is to create change not only

In my community but also around the world as well

I have learnt things like empathy, ethics, social

Entrepreneurship, social enterprise, equality,inquisitiveness

Honesty, concern for others,passion to do good,

productivity and punctuality, and finally how to set high 

But achievable goals. It is really so interesting yo be part of you

I have experienced  many things 

And learnt a lot in my life and I hope others as well

I am proud of you and i pray that you should be blessed to ”LONG EXIST”


SLUM RUN 2015 Almost upon us!!!

Slum Run Logo2


This has been a frenetic year, with 15 new Butterfly members joining us and the Ashoka Alumni development taking place.  We have seen amazing athletics progress from the kids and the vibe and excitement for tomorrow has been incredible.

2015 has marked some significant developments for Slum Run.  For the first time we have attracted local sponsors in Uganda and the Kampala Run promises to be the biggest and most successful yet, with Urban TV, KFM and Bukedde covering the event.

With CoachAlso, the focus this year is much more on athletic performance, where we have given the participants target times to achieve in order to be considered for selection, as there have been so many applicants.  We have appointed a new coach and he has drawn up very many new and varied training routes for the children, some outside the slum area, which they much prefer running on.  A new 2.5km hill run has also proved really popular  and has formed the basis for our target times, as for the best of them one lap takes 12-15 minutes.

We are expecting to have around 26 supported children this year and we are looking to support each one for a minimum of £50 to include any school needs, including fees, if necessary, food, clothing or any other emerging crisis, such as illness or injury.  It will also include their Slum Run gear – trainers, T-shirt and shorts and training costs this year.  So, you see we become a sort of insurance service for their wellbeing and development.

Raising enough money to pay for this is up to us and we seek your support to achieve our £3000 target and you can pledge your support at Justgiving.  All money will go to support these children or others like them attending the Chrysalis Centre.

The Slum Run founder, Francis Ssuuna, is now 20 and fits the organisation of the run around his school studies.  He is making a film about the Slum Run this year, with support from our partners Living in Minca, a film company who travel the globe looking for good practice in social enterprise.

So, do you fancy supporting children out of working in quarries and in scrap collecting? Join a run this Sunday, either in Kampala or in Birmingham! See details of how to participate below…


Birmingham Slum Run will start at 1:30pm on Sunday September 27th at Small Heath Baptist Church.  Food will be available prior to the event.  If you would like a sponsorship form, you can get onehere or on the day.  You can run or walk, if you prefer and the circuits are each 2km.  The full competitive race will be 10km and both a Junior and a Senior will win a trophy.  All donations to Justgiving will attract gift aid.


In Kampala, the Kids’ Run is at 11:00am and we encourage all visitors to arrive at 10.30am to watch the start.
If you would like to participate in the Open Fun Run, then please come along at 12 noon.  The race will start approximately at 12.30pm, as soon as the Kids’ 10km Run is finished.
There will be a finger buffet for VIPs and media attending.
It is expected that the whole event will wrap up by 14.00pm, though visitors are welcome to stay longer, if they wish to.
Hope to see you there!
These are 25 of the runners, with their ages.  All of the kids have either worked in the quarry, have collected scrap or made beads in the Acholi Quarter slum area.  We are posting more information about each at this link or you can also follow the postings at Slum Run Uganda or Chrysalis Uganda on Facebook.


My name is Patrick Aikonia, I am thirteen years old and I am a Uganda. I am a member of the Butterfly Project and that is where I learned to play the roleplaying from. I also learned how to be a GM from the chrysalis center.
I come up with an idea of having a project in Uganda. A project that will develop roleplaying all over Uganda. The project which I am calling “Developing Roleplaying in Uganda.”
This school holiday I decided I would like to go to Koro again and run an adventure week called “Eagles Last Hope,” the adventure will contain a range of activities for instance looking for ingredients to cure a disease like in “Hollow Last Hope.” The purpose is to improve children’s imagination and their thinking abilities so that they can experience and learn something in roleplaying and to also get some interested in being GMs. After the adventure week I am going to run GM training for two further weeks  with the children who are interested in being GMs so that they can also help me in the roleplaying when I am in Kampala.
The children in Koro were asking the Director of the Chrysalis Centre north Ayaa Grace, to run activities this school holidays. I decided to take roleplaying also as one of the activities.
We also ran activities from their and if you want to see some of them click here https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Patrick+Aikonia
If you want to support us or even see what we are doing please click here http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/koros-last-hope


This is me running runs in Koro.                                  This is me again running ruins still


This is Joseph with children children enjoying deadly mine.


How lovely  is  your city  and  its  districts?well  this is how  lovely funny and fabulous  our city Kampala is.As part of our training,three different groups  were sent out  into Kampala city to find out new various areas and how they function.Among these three groups, our group the Drapochilchrystab was also included and this group came up as a result of combining our project as the five of us, so we went out into the city of Kampala where we got to know many different areas, the way people socialize and how they work we even got to know how Uganda has improved on its security for the last threats of the Alshabab.

Despite all the fantastic movement we had, we also met different challenges on our way such as geting caught at parliament and at Bank of Uganda but the most funniest part is almost cainned at the kings palace in Mengo because of wearing trousers and yet we are girls so it made no difference between us the girls in the group and the boys in the group  and for taking photos at the palace but to some of us this was a new experience since some of us were from Northern part of   Uganda so this culture of Buganda was new to us.

All of us has ever been to the different places in Kampala such as shopping malls,hotels,theatres and even cineplex individually   but this time it was different because we went as a group and we were able to share different  thoughts

and ideas of the city and got to visit many different places.But all thanks goes to  all the managing staff at the Chrysalis center.


We are the Young hidden treasure members who reported on the Kampala taxi exercise visiting different places around Kampala on the 6th June 2015 and we were five in number viz. Ojok Junior(15),Lamaro Sharon(14),Atim Sarah(15),Okema Beckham(13), Ochola Kenneth(15).Above are the members of the young hidden treasure group. Where by we visited more new place in Kabalagala, Serena hotel, City Annex, Moodland restaurant, the national theater, nakumatt, the bank of Uganda, the Watoto church, the village mall, the parliament of Uganda, the garden city.And these were places we had never been to because it was our first time to visit those types of places. Some more of the interesting things that we also experienced were types of houses, types of dressings, peoples ways of living, modernization and so on. And these made us to think ahead of doing things in a way that we as the ones who has experienced something from the butterfly project. Appreciation goes to the chrysalis staff and the butterfly project staffs for their wonderful and amazing responsibility that they have played as change makers.lamaro sharon

(lamaro Sharon)


(okema Beckham junior)

(ojok junior & okema Beckham)

ojok junior

“Where is this leading to?……………,what kind of citizens are we?”

Hey, am Charles Obuk, aged 17 and a Ugandan from Northern – Lamwo District. When I talk of Northern Uganda, you all flash back at the war that occurred there for several years witnessed by massive massacres of Northerners for which we will still pay homage.  May their souls rest in peace.

Charles's picI was in a world characterized by a number of social problems. I am scared I may die in it because the situation keeps growing and worsening. This will give me no tales to tell when I reach Heaven. There is nothing I can jazz the heavenly angels  when I sneak into the heavenly kingdom. For what I will tell is only miseries, torture, racism, inequality and endless corruption.

Endless corruption will be my main topic. For it has roots right from top officials to the least common men. Do you know what….?, I will jazz mother Mary, ” In my country……..” I’ll pat her on her shoulder, ” corruption is the tale of the day, if you are not corrupt then you are counted off leadership.”

For those Ugandans and other citizens in their various countries (anti-corrupt citizens) who make allegations and criticize the corrupt officials which often the allegations are true and self evident, become great rivals to corruption die-hards. Such patriots are dismissed when given considerations, persecuted and privately executed. The next day’s news headlines on T.Vs, radios, magazines and newspapers read ” so….and so….who proved  to shout for the others forgetting that he’s born alone and will die alone has flee the country after failing to show up in courts of law”.  “Investigation of his whereabouts are going on”.  Where is this leading to?……..what kind of citizens are we…..?”. I am sometimes puzzled by these queries, do they puzzle you too?.

I hear my country and the whole world has moved from despotism to democracy and republicanism, is this true?… I don’t know but somehow the world has changed but is it to the tipping point?, do we have freedom of speech, equality and citizens’ rights…?. It is all an illusion, a mere fiction and then a day dream. We only possess them in second hand.

I do hear of a six lettered word, it ends with ‘ge‘ and commences with ‘ch‘. Can you guess what it is…?. They say it is either  positive or negative and that word is ‘change‘.   It is the only word I care about and overwork myself for it and to see that it is implemented and established in the whole world, do you also mind converting your efforts to working for it?. I shall only be happy when I  clearly see that corruption and the other problems I mentioned before are going down on their rates till they eventually stop. You should also note that it is only possible if we change our mindsets from corruption and selfishness, also we need reforms in the judicial system to promote peace and harmony and reforms in the entire leadership bodies. The democratic governments/leaders that the world has got also have to work tooth and nail for that ”word” which is termed as vulgar by most of my country’s and the other outside world’s leaders (governments) who have and are falling victims of corruption. You and I are the only ones responsible to renew and revive our bewildered nations otherwise I and you will still be melancholic and sad that we may die in this wicked generation.

I finally pray that God help us overcome the social enemies like corruption, brutality, racism,inequality, human rights’ abuse, child abuse and sacrifice among others by employing peaceful measures against them. Just as God you released the people of Israel from Egypt and led them to the promised land, so shall you release us from the hands of all these problems I’ve mentioned above, grand our leaders with the wisdom and knowledge to lead and put in them the heart to lead and to serve but not be served…….Amen.