Barbra is a girl who comes from a very poor family. She is the first and the last born in the family[The only child]. Her father had two wives but her mother was the first wife to her dad but when he brought the second wife ,his life changed in to a different person because he could not now buy any thing in the house for their mother and her mother had to look for every thing to make their life a little bit good .But when she reached 12  years of age ,her mother died and she had no one to help take care of her by then. The good part of it is that the grand mother was still alive and the grand mother took Barbra to her home and started taking care of her .When she was 14 year of age ,her grand mother died  ,she had no one at all  to pay her school fees and up to now the girl is looking for some one who can afford to pay her school fees so that she can also be called some body in future like other people in the community .So i am here requesting you people out there that if you can help Barbra and pay school fees then please help because she need your help.I would be very grateful if you do so .



Thank you









My name is Lamaro Sharon. I am doing reading project in my community and the reason why I came up with this idea is because I would like to develop the reading technique in the community ,school, home and in many other places as well. This project is meant to help the young kids in developing their talents and love for what they are gifted in.

I started this project on 21-oct-2015 and that was  when I had seen the problem in our community and I thought of doing some thing about it.In most villages ,the majority of the people do not know how to read and understand English very well and that makes it so difficult for them to communicate to other people out side the World.

  1. This project is mainly for the young kids so that they can learn English and catch up with it very fast. I believe that this project is aim at improving the lives of the people in the villages through reading and also to reduce the level of ilitracy in the area.



The Trip to Change East Africa

On the night of 9th January we took a bus from Kampala to Kigali in Rwanda. This would be the first of many border crossing as we embarked on what we knew would be the biggest adventure of our life. We would be travelling only the two of us, on a shoestring budget and with no professional support: no camera crew following in giant cars. It was just the two of us against the world.

We embarked on this journey for many reasons: to reach out to as many youths led organization in East Africa as we could. We wanted to find other young people who, like us, want to change East Africa. We wanted to demonstrate to the outside world the power of East African youth to create change.

Rwanda is one of the coolest and most hospitable nation in the world. On reaching Kigali, we were treated like honoured guests by everybody we met.

While in Rwanda, we visited a number of organizations like; AKWOS, this empowers East African women through sports and here we met with the Executive Director Mrs. Felicite Rwemarika and brainstormed on how more young people can be empowered to be the agents of change in their communities. Mrs. Felicite showed interest in starting doing slum run in Kigali and willing to work with us to make this happen starting this year 2016.


Meeting up with Mrs. Felicite Rwemarika

And then there is a Youth Entrepreneurship Chamber that helps young entrepreneurs by providing them all the resources they might need to foster their business ideas and providing them with market knowledge. Here we challenged the committee members to start empowering their members to start running social enterprises and explained to them how this is beneficial both the community and their personal development.


Having a chat with the Youth Entrepreneurship Chamber Chief Executive Officer


Exchange ideas with the Rwandese Got Talent members on how we can develop youths talents in East Africa.

After Rwanda, we set off to Tanzania, which became our first stumbling block. We thought it would take us only a day to travel from Kigali, Rwanda to Bukoba in Tanzania because Tanzanian authorities do not all night travels and so we had to spend a night at Kahama town so that we catch the early bus the next morning all the way to Bukoba.

While in Bukoba we got a chance of being interviewed by the young reporters of Bukoba on what could John Pombe Magufuli do to encourage more social entrepreneurs as the newly elected president of the Republic of Tanzania when we had just finished our session at the youth hall.


Francis talking about the methodology of creating change.


Being interviewed by the Mwanza young reporters.

We did not spend much time in Bukoba as we had to catch up the ferry to Mwanza that docks in only thrice a week and it was its last shift of the week. We travelled over night on ferry to Mwanza.


Live on the waves of Metro FM Mwanza


At the Watoto Na Vijana offices, an organization that was started and run by youths. We were privileged to how they run their organization and also to do activities with their members.



At Uhuru Elimentary School of Mwanza

When entering Tanzania, our stay was shortened by the border officials and we were only given one week and so we had to replan our itinerary. We left out some places that we had on our first itinerary like Arusha and Kilimanjaro. That meant we had travel all the way from Mwanza to Nairobi spending 15 hours on the road. Reaching the Tanzania Kenya border, we were defrauded by the money exchange agents as all the Kenyan money notes look the same with Jomo Kenyatta portrait on them. We were given 100 notes instead of 1000 notes. It was the worst and most frustrating part of our journey.

We did not do much in Nairobi as it was our place of resting not until we reached in Eldoret.

While in Eldoret we visited a good number of youths organizations learnt from our fellow youths on how young people manage and run their own social organization. One of the organizations we visited in Eldoret was the Eldoret Global Youth Group that mentors youths from vulnerable backgrounds and train them in various fields like entrepreneurship, ICT, and other programs. Even though they do not any of the resources they use but they manage to run their projects successfully.


Meeting up with some of the Eldoret Global Youth Group members.

From Eldoret we went to Mbale back to Uganda where we visited Elgon Youth Development Centre an organization that was started as a result of the appalling poverty stuation in among Ugandan youths that led to a rise crime rates and substance abuse, among others. Here they do work with the youths various programs like Creative Recycling where they collect wasted plastics and transform them into fashionable bags. They also have programs in Music and art, Farming, Entreprenuership and many other programs.


Somewhere around Mubiyi one of the major peaks of Mt. Elgon


A selfie with some of the people we found at the org offices.

From there we went to Bududa, again still in Eastern Uganda to visit the Bududa Youth Development Association, and from there we headed back to Kampala.

I would like to thank everyone that sponsored us. Your support opened many new opportunities for us and helped develop our social entrpreneurship skills. And we are looking forward to be doing such trips in the near by future.


Hi, My is  Nadia Kemariza and am 15 years of age .And l am a member of Chrysalis Centre a project known as the Butterfly Project .And am among the new Butterflies who joined this organization this year.And l was tought the basic skills of carrying out my project .So l started my project last year before coming to Chrysalis Centre which is called KIDS AWAY FROM STREETS.  l especially run this project during holidays As  we all know we can wish everything to go on as you want it to do but l have challenges which l am facing in my project which is being able to convince the kids to listen to me that am not bad person to them and  befriending them because some of them have gone though a lot so then feel scared of things surrounding them and the people they just meet at the first sight.During the first term holiday l worked with few kids they were around 12 of them but some had their homes through they didn’t live there so this made me  help in  coursing them to go home  and in most cases l myself take they . The children get from streets are brought to the Chrysalis Centre , have some sensitization about dangers of being on streets and we teach them computing And other activities like doing  some atr etc. and all this was in the first term holiday. The second term holiday i worked the project from kampala near mengo in a slum of kisenyi where most slum kids derrive from. I only work there for afew days coz its very hard for me to get resourses when am there but in kampala i get help from my project thats why i carry it out from major aim is to reduse the number of slum kids on streets and am working towards that.


It was a cold morning when we had a program about non schooler  children survey from slum areas in kireka.That day we invited all the non schooler kids at list for some activity and coke party morning at chrysalis center. We discussed with the kids about the situation their in and the reasons why they don’t go to school. But especially poverty and child labor.  Now as change makers in butterfly project we had decided to came out with some activity to run during our vacation for example making paper bags and making art out of clay soil at list to solve some of the problems which the kids face. And we are planning to sell the paper bags to the chapati sellers and other  people. Yesterday we sold some paper bags and  got some money which was sh. 1500 . The kids were very happy to join us in our projects and they going to be working with us, in some other activities like  playing  board games, for example runebound,ticket to ride,  khan,rapidough and small world.Some of the  parents supported our ideas and some there going to join us. We are going to start the activities on Monday of the coming week.We had worked this as are group of three people,NADIA KEMARIZA,KIZZA SAM AND OJOK ERIC.


Hi,my name is Nadia Kemariza and am among new butterfly members in chrysalis centre in kireka.As butterfly members we need to be social entrepreneur to make our own business.So we need more training which we had been doing since we came in chrysalis centre.But on Saturday we had different session which was travelling to jinja to know more about physical features. We went in different places like Ssezibwa falls, River Nile and Bujagali falls but all the places where  interesting. The first place we went in  was Ssezibwa falls  we saw very many things there like rock and forest.The second  place  we went in was called the source of River Nile where we had our lunch from and played some games such as cards Continue reading


My name is Lamaro Sharon.I am the daughter  of Ojok Erick and Apiyo Vicky. I live in the village called Labora .

My dad was a very powerful man in the whole village and every one could respect us in that village and also fear our home and even they could not steal our home because of our dad being recognized in the village.But because father was so rich ,he could pay school fees for the whole year and we could not be chased from school for school fees or even being disturbed  for any other reason.

It was in 2013 when my father died in December when chrismas was almost approaching,we did not eat the chrismas as we used to do because the chrismas was left only three days so we had to organize for the bariel and that year was the year that I was going to primary six .I was so annoyed with my father’s death because no one could pay our fees by then but I managed to finish my primary six  because my aunt the sister to my mum paid me .When I reached primary seven that aunt of mine got a serious accident that could not allow her to walk any more but she could just be crawling so again my uncle took me from there up to when I finished my primary living examinations in 2014.

From there ,there was no one to pay me to school any more and that is where I found this organisation[BUTTERFLY PROJECT] and they started teaching me about different things like ethics ,empathy and many others and also they started supporting me in term of school fees .Now here I am  requesting you people out there to help me support my project .Because of what I have learnt from the project,I have started doing the project of Girls child education this year and I have ran the project for six months and I will be very grateful if you listen to me.