Children Mind Development Project (CMDP)



My name is Lubangakene Samuel and I am one of the            Butterfly Pioneer group members.  I have a passion and ability in art and athletics, especially swimming and running and I like to use this passion to create positive change in my community and the world at large and I believe in change and I know that if there are more people with ideas of changing the community instead of themselves then the world will be a better place to stay in. Through my passion and ability, I managed to discover the most things that people would never think of that could bring change in the community and that is the creative games and computer basic knowledge which brings to my new project called “Children Mind Development Project (CMDP).

The Children Mind Development Project started this year 2013 by me as a result of seeing many children from Acholi Quarter spending their money to play games which they don’t benefit from it. I myself have ever been in the same situation whereby I had to spend five hundred Uganda shillings to play the game and I was given only twenty five minutes but since I joined the Butterfly Project, I became to know that everything on the earth can be used to create change. I knew that I can use this games as a kind of fun but at the same time it is used for solving the problems in our community and this is out of experience because I have ever tried it out to apply the skills I used to solve puzzles to solve problems in our community and it worked forexample, there were two children from the Quarter who came arguing for one pair of sandals and each of them had witnesses that the sandals belong to him. So I had to tell them to bring their parents and one feared to bring the parents and I had to give the sandals to the one who brought the parent.

So the purpose of this project is to boost the mind of the children and provide for them basic computer knowledge so that they can apply this knowledge to their daily life and as well as their community. So far I have six members in this project and we are having session two a week so that they can get used to the new games and in future time I will introduce them to the game maker software so that they can learn how to make their own games. We managed to get some creative games into the computer like Spacechem and Braid was introduced to me by Adam Parkinson. The children are having fun at the same time learning some things from it forexample Spacechem, it improves on their skills as far as mixing chemicals are concern and this also help them to improve on their class performance as chemistry is one of the subject taught at the school.

These are some of the photos taken when session was taking place when the children were doing the Braid game as part of the session. Braid is one of the plateform game which involves the taking back of time and in this game the children are going to learn how to think before taking an action so that they make the right decision. So in the game they take an action and they take back the time if they think that what they have done is wrong so that they can make the right decision.


Our next session the children will be introduced to the game maker software and this will be all about the use of game maker in order to create more games. And on my next plan after the children learning the computer basic knowledge is to get for them some small income generating work like typing in the people’s cafe for money in order for them to get of their needs through the work they do in the cafe and also open for the members of the project a bank account for the children so that they can do some saving for their benefit as well as sustaining the project  and the next future plan is to open up game events where anyone who wants to join the game event pays some little amount of money to join  and this money will be kept in the bank account for emergency in case anything happens in the project which will need costing like repairing the computers and that money kept in the bank will be used for it.


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