About Us

The Butterfly Project is a unique project in Uganda, which trains up young people from the most remote rural villages and disadvantaged urban slum districts to become social entrepreneurs.  We believe it is important to work with children, who have a selfless attitude and ideas for their community and in 2011 we developed new ideas to help develop rural villages, by working through the children on our project, as an evolving and reliable mechanism for change in the villages.

We are most interested in the Millennium Development goals, with poverty and human rights at the top of the agenda and the young people are trained in a whole range of subjects – social enterprise and entrepreneurship, Ethics, International Citizenship, ICT, Problem-solving and much more, while they attend the Chrysalis Centre, which is our training Centre.

Additionally, each member must undertake a project of their own, both in the local slum district and in their home village, so that they gain experience of leadership and practical problem-solving.

The project was instigated by Social Enterprise Africa CIC but is run through Chrysalis Limited in Uganda, a company limited by guarantee, set up to be the vehicle for all of the work of the project, including the agricultural enterprises, which we plan will help sustain the project into the future.

From October 2012, the Butterfly Project has been supported by the Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network, a UK-based charity.  You can support the charity here.

Email us at ben@socialenterpriseafrica.org


Brian learning how to be type for the first time

Brian (7) learning how to type for the first time

Liquid Soap Business

Second Hand Clothes Business

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Touching hearts of those poor kids is some task a few people can endeavor to do. Thanks.

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