If you should take my child ,give my hands strength to dig his grave ,cover him earth . Lord send a little man , for grass will grow.

If my house should burn down ,so that sting the nostrils ,making the eyes weep, then Lord send a little rain for grass will grow.

But Lord do not send me madness, do not send me moors hard madness to lodge shug in my skull.

I would like you to send me hordes of houses, gallopsing, crushing, but do not break the yalk of the moon on me .




Oliver Twist was born at a work house and that is where his mother died and the old nurse at the work house doesn’t know where his mother come from. Oliver never saw his mother . He struggled with life and he faced a lot of problems . Oliver was punished when he asked for soup , he was made to eat the food that belongs to dogs and was made to sleep among the coffins between the counter, he was accused for stealing and yet he never did anything  and he was arrested for being involved in the robbery. So he really suffered but he is just a little boy , I think you can see the way he suffered in his life.

That’s why it’s not good to have friends even though some times they help you because like for Oliver ,they were  making sure that Oliver fall in problem and they weren’t good friends at all.

Though he was very young like what but he managed to live his life .



My name is Sharon Lamaro, I am one of the Butterfly members and I joined Butterfly project in 2014 after being interviewed. I went  through a lot of trainings before coming up with an idea and because of the trainings that I went through ,I was able to come up with the idea of Music ,dance and drama which was my first project and I started this project because most of the youth in our community could not do any thing that could support their traditions and culture. So I came up with this idea to let them remember and support their traditions and culture by practicing and teaching them on different things according their traditions. The aim of this project is to see that the youth of this world not only our community know their talents and have dreams for their future[career ].I really have the passion for the project and I am happy for it .

In 2016, I came up with another idea of Reading Spelling project. I started this project to improve the reading and the writing skills of the kids and to improve their English speaking skills .I really love working with the young kids because they make me feel happy always .The aim of this project is make sure that children are knowing the reading and the writing skills when they are still young . The vision of this project is to see that all the children in not only Uganda but all over the world know how to read and spell words correctly.






















The silent time is when you feel so left out like you have even a mere friend that can help you with any thing and you feel like every body hates you at that moment.

Because it really pains you a lot that can even make you reject God because you feel so lonely and you think about different problems ,situations that you might have passed through. This silent time is worse than anything and nothing can be worse than it and that is “SORROW”.



Here in this world ,there is a very bad thing in life if you haven’t yet known .It is worse than sorrow ,it is worse than sadness ,it is worse than sickness.

It is the most ugliest thing in life and whenever it comes ,every one has to get to annoyed in the shed tears,it really displaces people ,it’s  really bad because even sometimes it makes you feel lonely as if you don’t having any other relatives and this is “DEATH”



There in this world some thing that surpasses all other things in sweetness.It is sweeter than honey,it is sweeter than salt, it is sweeter than sugar ,it is sweeter than all existing things.

This thing is sleep, nothing can ever prevent you,nothing can stop you from sleeping,when you are conqured by sleep, and numerous millions arrive , millions arrive to disturb you ,millions will find you asleep.






My Project introduction.

My name is Okello Daniel Titus. I am fourteen years old. Iam running a project of sanitation at the same time story telling. I started the project in 2014 when I was still in primary level and I was still twelve years old. I started the sanitaion project because alot of people in my village could not keep sanitation well foristance they woul prefer to use the bush rather than the toilets, they drink water from the well little knowing that it is contaminated by their own feaces, other than that they are also fond of disposing rabish in the compound so I decided to start another support project poultry keeping to gain money to construct toilets and dig rabish pits to encourage them to use toilets. The main purpose for the project is to prevent the diseases they have been suffering from due to poor sanitaion and hygiene and some get injuries in the bush from thorns, rocks,sharp sticks etc and others loose their lives due to being bitten by snakes and dont have antidotes. So during the last holiday, I did abit of cleaning with the community where I am currently living in.

Not only that but I am also doing a bit of story telling and comprehension writing in Gulu district. This is also to teach them the power of story in the changing society and how it brings about change. And also not only local story writing but creative and imaginative story writing. I also want to develop the writing and story skills. Not only that I want them to develop writing skills and the imaginative story writing helps them also to develop their imagination.

Thanks Very much