Butterfly North

  Name Social   Project(s) Entrepre-neurship   activity Notes
                                                  IMG_0965s                    Charles Obuk (15) Drama for Change and the Young Achievers   Club at School Growing onions at school to support the   Young Achievers Club Charles wants to be an international   social entrepreneur, creating change wherever he goes.  He commands respect and is very serious   about what he does.  He wants to expand   his drama project into rural areas
     IMG_1052s Nyeko Zisite (16) The Scrub Club and SCCC Planned poultry rearing via the SCCC Nyeko has a more entrepreneurial focus and has recently developed the SCCC as a co-operative for slum-dwelling youth, uses income from poultry-rearing to help prevent malaria.
    IMG_1039s Mercy Moro (14) Advice for Change Beads and jewellery in partnership with   Gilbert Mercy has galvanised her Advice for Change project through support from her syndicate.  She is a very effective member and an advocate for children to be change makers in their communities.
     IMG_1051s Peter Akena (14) ICT training ambitions and plans a   football project Agricultural Peter is performing very well   academically at school and has become a confident speaker and enthusiast on ICT and communication .  He has a strong desire to be a doctor but wants to expand his ICT training into Kitgum this year.
     Nancy Nancy Lakot (16) Music, Dance and Drama and   confidence-building for girls Agricultural Nancy’s work empowering girls is   unparalleled and she is greatly respected as a leader at school, in her village and in Kireka and is active in all places.
     IMG_1005s Joel Atube (15) Art for Children’s Rights Agricultural Joel has moved forward dramatically on   his ICT skills and has developed an interesting focus on human rights this  past year.  He is insightful as to his   future role as a changemaker in Uganda and seems certain to achieve it, with his commitment to school and the project.

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