Butterfly Pioneers

              IMG_1125                                                 Gilbert   Byamugisha (17) Nambere   Music Project, Acholi Quarter Art and Dance Beads-making   with Mercy, hair-plaiting Gilbert   is a credit to the project and already a good social entrepreneur, able to carry activities on his own.  he has multiple areas in which he can invest his time.
     IMG_1196 Eunice Namugerwa (17) Dance and music projects, both for young   and older children Making bags, poultry-rearing Eunice spoke very well at the TEDx   conference this year and is starting to develop a following, as she   matures.  She does her A levels this year and is juggling this with her poultry business!
     IMG_1129 Samuel Lubangakene (16) Food at Schools campaign, Challenging video   games Charging for video games, typing business   for teachers exams Samuel is   an amazing art talent, and is also right at the top at school and has a wide range of ideas for helping his local community – the Acholi Quarter.
     IMG_1209 Philip Mudoko (16) Kyebando Football Project, Film maker   project (to come) None, but keen to work on lemon grass Philip is an ideas machine, but can deliver too – h His recent football tournament was very   challenging for him, but ultimately very successful.
     IMG_1168 - Martin Martin Kayondo (17) Lyantonde Blogging project, The Word Act   Project Martin has some land and generates income   here Martin is always a quiet contributor and   despite having a great deal of problems in the last 12 months has had the strength to tackle local authority with his   Word Act project, which believes in “solutions, not problems”
     Manisuli Manisuli Miyingo (16) ICT Training Project, tree-planting   project Tree-planting and also has some crafts   ideas Manisuli has been very diligent with his   computer project, which he has been running longer than any and he seems   ready to move this to the next level.
     Francis Francis Ssuuna (18) Vision 4 Change, Project Circulate,   Anti-violence campaign None, as yet Francis has represented the Project well over the last few months and his Vision 4 Change project is quite   groundbreaking in its potential.  Francis has been liaising with UK schools regarding poverty alleviation strategy.

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