nanciesI am  Nancy  Lakot,  one of the  Butterfly  members  from  northern Uganda  I was recruited in 2010 (Cohort 2),   since we have suffered from war in Northern Uganda  and had massive problems in our village where many people lost their lives. This was sad moment for many who lost their loved ones.   To me it was to stand up for to be strong and have goal in life.  In 2009 when people went back to their villages, many people faced different problems and mostly girls they were not allowed to go to school since people in the village thought that girls are not capable of education.   They thought girls would not pass exams and this made me develop a passion to be a leader in my village.  When I grow up I want to be able to change my community one day and since my daddy has given us the opportunity to study in one of the remote primary school in the village, this made me feel sad for other girls who are not going to school.

When I was recruited in the Butterfly Project as member 2010 I learnt so many things and I became   more passionate about changing my community and empowering young girls that they have the same right like everyone in the villages and giving them different options so that they do not marry early. I did this using MUSIC, DEBATE, SONG AND EVEN TRAINING IN SELF ESTEEM AND HIV AWARENESS.nanciees.jpg

In 2012 the Slum Run was founded by Francis Ssuuna, a friend of mine in the Butterfly Project.  Running was one of the key activities to support the disadvantaged children from slum areas like the Acholi Quarter to help fight poverty in Uganda.  I participated as a runner because I wanted to show that girls can do anything, though people in Uganda don’t think that girls have any hope to be good at athletics.  I was one of a few that participated and our participation encouraged many girls to be running in the Slum Run today.

I was not in Kampala for the more recent years but came back to Kampala this year for my A levels.  I won’t be running but my role on 27th November will be to welcome guests and show them around the exhibitions that we will be having here at the Centre.

I have also been working on the displays, which will show the work of the Kireka centre and the new centre up in Koro near Gulu, where I have spent some time during this year with the girls’ empowerment activities.  I am ready to explain to visitors about all the activities that have been going on in the Butterfly Centre and the impact that the Butterfly Project are having in the community

Also the Slum Run has kept many of the young people working in the quarries in school due to the support the Butterfly Project was able to give to them and also helped them to stay out of the quarry or collecting scrap which many of them used to do. Today, the Slum Run is big compared to the one I ran in 2012, it’s fun for the kids and makes them happy.

To support the Slum Run click here.


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