slumrunlogo2016newThis year, we are organising a slum run whereby young children come together and show their talents because not that every child has been gifted equally. we have been doing this for some good years and children have been responding positively simply because they love to run and refresh their minds . From the previous run we have been organising , we discovered that children love to run and most of them have career dreams in running like Kiprotich who won a gold medal for his country[Uganda] .So they also want to be like that.

This run has encouraged team working among themselves [children], confidence building . passion for what they are doing , career development, that is to say they can now share their ideas on different things that they think is good for them as runners [incoming Kiprotich] in Uganda.

Even though we have been  organising this run for the previous years smoothly, we have faced many challenges during the journey of recruiting these kids for the slum run, as athletics is not a sport commonly practised in Uganda.

This year’s run will be a little bit different from other runs we have had in the previous years because we are adding athletes from different schools who are going to  participate in the Slum Run, the routes have been mapped and marked carefully.  So we are hoping to see more success   in this coming run than the previous.

My job on the day will be to organise all of the marshalling and I have a team I have brought together for this purpose.  On the day we will be showing the runners where to run and during the week before we will be helping runners by walking the route with them (on 20th November). Also my team will be looking after water points and dealing with any problems that runners may have on the way.






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