Hello, my name is Okema Beckham Junior a member of the Butterfly project who went up in Koro one of the villages in and had a four day activities with the kids in the villages and this is how we productively spent our time with the kids;

Day one (Wednesday);

This is when we travelled there and arrived a bit late but it wasn’t very late to prepare for the next day and good enough the staff we had there played a good role of letting the children in the village know that we were going to be there and to tell some of the kids to wait for us and the kids weren’t disappointing and they didn’t let us down.

Our first activity was to introduce the different activities we were going to run to the children and thereafter had to send them out to go tell the other friends what we will be doing for the remaining days and the time they should be coming at the center and the kids did as we told them.

Day two (Thursday);

We begun the day with gathering and told them what we will be doing for the day and boomed of the place with the traditional dances as one of the activities in the talent discoveries and we were able to get quite a number of them but others didn’t seem to be very good in doing it and had to give them sweets to encourage others and thereafter broke off to have lunch with the kids.


We also had to teach the kids how to utilize the resources in the communities to generate electricity and this was done by Brian who came together with me and he did the electronic parts of the activities.


We then gave the kids a break before they had to go and play Fluxx Ben had bought and went and played volley ball with them as other enjoyed swinging and thereafter had to gather the kids to end the day.


Day three (Friday);

Day three was when Brian had to finalize with his activity and introduced a new system of electricity generation and the children enjoyed doing it with him and I kicked off with the dice making and I had to explain how we were going to make them and what we were going to use the dices for and everything seemed new to them and that was what we had really gone there to do (teach them new things). We made 4, 6 and 8 sided dices and told them to keep their own dices and had to break off for lunch.


After lunch, we had to then kick off with what we told them we would use the dices for and it was to use it to play the game they were going to make and had to get the capable ones together and started with making snakes and ladders because it was easy for them to understand the concept of the game since we had already printed out some copies of snakes and ladders for them to understand the game and it was ….a piece of cake.

And the funny part of the activity was that they had to comment that the game wasn’t all that easy to make it but they said it was easier to play it so I had to give a hand and helped them complete it.

Then the next game we had to make was the draughts and it was easy because most of them had already played it but actually never made any game of such and I had to help them out with the measurements and had the draughts smoothly running.

I had to take some kids Ben had chose and spend a night with them in Cosmo guest house and had them play Ice flow and also gave them a chance to play Torchlight 2 with the few Ben selected but I had to postpone my plans to go back to Kampala and had to finish the game I had not finished the previous day.

It was a chance for us to ask them and assess them to get the preview of the four day activities and besides that we also asked them to come up with different more Ideas on how they are going to use the knowledge they got to do something productive in their communities.

Thanks a lot for your support to make all this successful.

Please comment.


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