This holiday, we have been visiting some organisations trying to see different things and different activities that they do and see if we could get some new ideas from each organisation that we visited. Some of the organisations that we visited were ; YARID [Young African refugees for integral development]that works with both young  children and the youth and they mostly deals with technology and they normally run it with the youth, Ubuntu which works with girls ,they make beads and other activities , Special children, Special people and this organisation deals with young children and people with disabilities of different kinds, MADUFAFA [Making A Difference in Uganda Face to Face] and they do different activities like dancing, singing , valley ball and many others.

We have been running different activities  with the kids from each organisation that we visited . We were able to run activities like board games, singing ,dancing, valley ball,art for change, reading, spelling bee, and many others.

We experienced  many new things from the different organisations that we were able to visit, we learnt different things from each organisation and we were also able to get ideas . As a result of it all ,we gained experience, confidence, passion to do good and many others .

And to the children , they were able to gain confidence, passion to do good , honesty, love for one another, team work, and many other things. I believe that they can all now stand for what is right , start their own projects and change their communities.








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