My Project introduction.

My name is Okello Daniel Titus. I am fourteen years old. Iam running a project of sanitation at the same time story telling. I started the project in 2014 when I was still in primary level and I was still twelve years old. I started the sanitaion project because alot of people in my village could not keep sanitation well foristance they woul prefer to use the bush rather than the toilets, they drink water from the well little knowing that it is contaminated by their own feaces, other than that they are also fond of disposing rabish in the compound so I decided to start another support project poultry keeping to gain money to construct toilets and dig rabish pits to encourage them to use toilets. The main purpose for the project is to prevent the diseases they have been suffering from due to poor sanitaion and hygiene and some get injuries in the bush from thorns, rocks,sharp sticks etc and others loose their lives due to being bitten by snakes and dont have antidotes. So during the last holiday, I did abit of cleaning with the community where I am currently living in.

Not only that but I am also doing a bit of story telling and comprehension writing in Gulu district. This is also to teach them the power of story in the changing society and how it brings about change. And also not only local story writing but creative and imaginative story writing. I also want to develop the writing and story skills. Not only that I want them to develop writing skills and the imaginative story writing helps them also to develop their imagination.

Thanks Very much


2 thoughts on “My Project introduction.

  1. You are doing great work. If everyone had a caring heart like you we would have peace and plenty. God bless, and keep up the good work. I will do what I can to help support the project.

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