Hi, My is  Nadia Kemariza and am 15 years of age .And l am a member of Chrysalis Centre a project known as the Butterfly Project .And am among the new Butterflies who joined this organization this year.And l was tought the basic skills of carrying out my project .So l started my project last year before coming to Chrysalis Centre which is called KIDS AWAY FROM STREETS.  l especially run this project during holidays As  we all know we can wish everything to go on as you want it to do but l have challenges which l am facing in my project which is being able to convince the kids to listen to me that am not bad person to them and  befriending them because some of them have gone though a lot so then feel scared of things surrounding them and the people they just meet at the first sight.During the first term holiday l worked with few kids they were around 12 of them but some had their homes through they didn’t live there so this made me  help in  coursing them to go home  and in most cases l myself take they . The children get from streets are brought to the Chrysalis Centre , have some sensitization about dangers of being on streets and we teach them computing And other activities like doing  some atr etc. and all this was in the first term holiday. The second term holiday i worked the project from kampala near mengo in a slum of kisenyi where most slum kids derrive from. I only work there for afew days coz its very hard for me to get resourses when am there but in kampala i get help from my project thats why i carry it out from major aim is to reduse the number of slum kids on streets and am working towards that.


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