It was a cold morning when we had a program about non schooler  children survey from slum areas in kireka.That day we invited all the non schooler kids at list for some activity and coke party morning at chrysalis center. We discussed with the kids about the situation their in and the reasons why they don’t go to school. But especially poverty and child labor.  Now as change makers in butterfly project we had decided to came out with some activity to run during our vacation for example making paper bags and making art out of clay soil at list to solve some of the problems which the kids face. And we are planning to sell the paper bags to the chapati sellers and other  people. Yesterday we sold some paper bags and  got some money which was sh. 1500 . The kids were very happy to join us in our projects and they going to be working with us, in some other activities like  playing  board games, for example runebound,ticket to ride,  khan,rapidough and small world.Some of the  parents supported our ideas and some there going to join us. We are going to start the activities on Monday of the coming week.We had worked this as are group of three people,NADIA KEMARIZA,KIZZA SAM AND OJOK ERIC.


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