Hi,my name is Nadia Kemariza and am among new butterfly members in chrysalis centre in kireka.As butterfly members we need to be social entrepreneur to make our own business.So we need more training which we had been doing since we came in chrysalis centre.But on Saturday we had different session which was travelling to jinja to know more about physical features. We went in different places like Ssezibwa falls, River Nile and Bujagali falls but all the places where  interesting. The first place we went in  was Ssezibwa falls  we saw very many things there like rock and forest.The second  place  we went in was called the source of River Nile where we had our lunch from and played some games such as cards,football etc.After all that we travelled to our last place which was  bujagali  falls where we sailed in boat and saw interesting things like swimming birds, fishermen and big rocks in deep water then after sailing in boat we had a special activities like swimming which was so interesting and enjoyable and some art for the place.Later we went back home and we had funs.


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