My name is Lamaro Sharon.I am the daughter  of Ojok Erick and Apiyo Vicky. I live in the village called Labora .

My dad was a very powerful man in the whole village and every one could respect us in that village and also fear our home and even they could not steal our home because of our dad being recognized in the village.But because father was so rich ,he could pay school fees for the whole year and we could not be chased from school for school fees or even being disturbed  for any other reason.

It was in 2013 when my father died in December when chrismas was almost approaching,we did not eat the chrismas as we used to do because the chrismas was left only three days so we had to organize for the bariel and that year was the year that I was going to primary six .I was so annoyed with my father’s death because no one could pay our fees by then but I managed to finish my primary six  because my aunt the sister to my mum paid me .When I reached primary seven that aunt of mine got a serious accident that could not allow her to walk any more but she could just be crawling so again my uncle took me from there up to when I finished my primary living examinations in 2014.

From there ,there was no one to pay me to school any more and that is where I found this organisation[BUTTERFLY PROJECT] and they started teaching me about different things like ethics ,empathy and many others and also they started supporting me in term of school fees .Now here I am  requesting you people out there to help me support my project .Because of what I have learnt from the project,I have started doing the project of Girls child education this year and I have ran the project for six months and I will be very grateful if you listen to me.






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