Dear all,

I would like to thank you all wherever you are.I am Lamaro Sharon a member of the butterfly project.

Sharon Lamaro -14

Sharon Lamaro -14

I live in the Northern part of Uganda(GULU).This is the poem to show that this project has helped

many children in Uganda especially those in the villages and slums.

                   ” Butterfly project 

It has been a beautiful moment when i met you .

 You have helped many children both in villages and slums

And you are still helping and supporting the children up to

Now around the world and i am very happy with what you

Are doing ,i pray that you should not loose that spirit

I have learnt a lot from you and experienced new things

In my life and you have made me to have a dream

for my community and that is to create change not only

In my community but also around the world as well

I have learnt things like empathy, ethics, social

Entrepreneurship, social enterprise, equality,inquisitiveness

Honesty, concern for others,passion to do good,

productivity and punctuality, and finally how to set high 

But achievable goals. It is really so interesting yo be part of you

I have experienced  many things 

And learnt a lot in my life and I hope others as well

I am proud of you and i pray that you should be blessed to ”LONG EXIST”



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