My name is Patrick Aikonia, I am thirteen years old and I am a Uganda. I am a member of the Butterfly Project and that is where I learned to play the roleplaying from. I also learned how to be a GM from the chrysalis center.
I come up with an idea of having a project in Uganda. A project that will develop roleplaying all over Uganda. The project which I am calling “Developing Roleplaying in Uganda.”
This school holiday I decided I would like to go to Koro again and run an adventure week called “Eagles Last Hope,” the adventure will contain a range of activities for instance looking for ingredients to cure a disease like in “Hollow Last Hope.” The purpose is to improve children’s imagination and their thinking abilities so that they can experience and learn something in roleplaying and to also get some interested in being GMs. After the adventure week I am going to run GM training for two further weeks  with the children who are interested in being GMs so that they can also help me in the roleplaying when I am in Kampala.
The children in Koro were asking the Director of the Chrysalis Centre north Ayaa Grace, to run activities this school holidays. I decided to take roleplaying also as one of the activities.
We also ran activities from their and if you want to see some of them click here
If you want to support us or even see what we are doing please click here


This is me running runs in Koro.                                  This is me again running ruins still


This is Joseph with children children enjoying deadly mine.



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