How lovely  is  your city  and  its  districts?well  this is how  lovely funny and fabulous  our city Kampala is.As part of our training,three different groups  were sent out  into Kampala city to find out new various areas and how they function.Among these three groups, our group the Drapochilchrystab was also included and this group came up as a result of combining our project as the five of us, so we went out into the city of Kampala where we got to know many different areas, the way people socialize and how they work we even got to know how Uganda has improved on its security for the last threats of the Alshabab.

Despite all the fantastic movement we had, we also met different challenges on our way such as geting caught at parliament and at Bank of Uganda but the most funniest part is almost cainned at the kings palace in Mengo because of wearing trousers and yet we are girls so it made no difference between us the girls in the group and the boys in the group  and for taking photos at the palace but to some of us this was a new experience since some of us were from Northern part of   Uganda so this culture of Buganda was new to us.

All of us has ever been to the different places in Kampala such as shopping malls,hotels,theatres and even cineplex individually   but this time it was different because we went as a group and we were able to share different  thoughts

and ideas of the city and got to visit many different places.But all thanks goes to  all the managing staff at the Chrysalis center.


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