We are the Young hidden treasure members who reported on the Kampala taxi exercise visiting different places around Kampala on the 6th June 2015 and we were five in number viz. Ojok Junior(15),Lamaro Sharon(14),Atim Sarah(15),Okema Beckham(13), Ochola Kenneth(15).Above are the members of the young hidden treasure group. Where by we visited more new place in Kabalagala, Serena hotel, City Annex, Moodland restaurant, the national theater, nakumatt, the bank of Uganda, the Watoto church, the village mall, the parliament of Uganda, the garden city.And these were places we had never been to because it was our first time to visit those types of places. Some more of the interesting things that we also experienced were types of houses, types of dressings, peoples ways of living, modernization and so on. And these made us to think ahead of doing things in a way that we as the ones who has experienced something from the butterfly project. Appreciation goes to the chrysalis staff and the butterfly project staffs for their wonderful and amazing responsibility that they have played as change makers.lamaro sharon

(lamaro Sharon)


(okema Beckham junior)

(ojok junior & okema Beckham)

ojok junior


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