“Where is this leading to?……………,what kind of citizens are we?”

Hey, am Charles Obuk, aged 17 and a Ugandan from Northern – Lamwo District. When I talk of Northern Uganda, you all flash back at the war that occurred there for several years witnessed by massive massacres of Northerners for which we will still pay homage.  May their souls rest in peace.

Charles's picI was in a world characterized by a number of social problems. I am scared I may die in it because the situation keeps growing and worsening. This will give me no tales to tell when I reach Heaven. There is nothing I can jazz the heavenly angels  when I sneak into the heavenly kingdom. For what I will tell is only miseries, torture, racism, inequality and endless corruption.

Endless corruption will be my main topic. For it has roots right from top officials to the least common men. Do you know what….?, I will jazz mother Mary, ” In my country……..” I’ll pat her on her shoulder, ” corruption is the tale of the day, if you are not corrupt then you are counted off leadership.”

For those Ugandans and other citizens in their various countries (anti-corrupt citizens) who make allegations and criticize the corrupt officials which often the allegations are true and self evident, become great rivals to corruption die-hards. Such patriots are dismissed when given considerations, persecuted and privately executed. The next day’s news headlines on T.Vs, radios, magazines and newspapers read ” so….and so….who proved  to shout for the others forgetting that he’s born alone and will die alone has flee the country after failing to show up in courts of law”.  “Investigation of his whereabouts are going on”.  Where is this leading to?……..what kind of citizens are we…..?”. I am sometimes puzzled by these queries, do they puzzle you too?.

I hear my country and the whole world has moved from despotism to democracy and republicanism, is this true?… I don’t know but somehow the world has changed but is it to the tipping point?, do we have freedom of speech, equality and citizens’ rights…?. It is all an illusion, a mere fiction and then a day dream. We only possess them in second hand.

I do hear of a six lettered word, it ends with ‘ge‘ and commences with ‘ch‘. Can you guess what it is…?. They say it is either  positive or negative and that word is ‘change‘.   It is the only word I care about and overwork myself for it and to see that it is implemented and established in the whole world, do you also mind converting your efforts to working for it?. I shall only be happy when I  clearly see that corruption and the other problems I mentioned before are going down on their rates till they eventually stop. You should also note that it is only possible if we change our mindsets from corruption and selfishness, also we need reforms in the judicial system to promote peace and harmony and reforms in the entire leadership bodies. The democratic governments/leaders that the world has got also have to work tooth and nail for that ”word” which is termed as vulgar by most of my country’s and the other outside world’s leaders (governments) who have and are falling victims of corruption. You and I are the only ones responsible to renew and revive our bewildered nations otherwise I and you will still be melancholic and sad that we may die in this wicked generation.

I finally pray that God help us overcome the social enemies like corruption, brutality, racism,inequality, human rights’ abuse, child abuse and sacrifice among others by employing peaceful measures against them. Just as God you released the people of Israel from Egypt and led them to the promised land, so shall you release us from the hands of all these problems I’ve mentioned above, grand our leaders with the wisdom and knowledge to lead and put in them the heart to lead and to serve but not be served…….Amen.



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