15 New Butterflies Joining the Project this month!

Cohort 3 Compilation

Sharon is 14 and from rural Gulu.  Sharon is a talented dancer and already runs a girls’ group in her village.

Sarah is 15 and also from Gulu.  She is interested in drama and passionate about education for girls.

Patrick is 13 and from Acholi Quarter.  Originally from Arua, Patrick is very sharp and has been running a games project for other children in the slum.

Daniel is 13 and from rural Gulu.  His passion is sanitation and he plans to sell chickens to build toilets in his village.

Shadia is 13 and from Kisenyi slum in Kampala.  She is new to us and qualified brilliantly at our recent recruitment.

Agnes is 12 and from Kiganda slum area.  She is a comic and loves to make people laugh and is very good at this, amongst other things.

Sam is 13 and from rural Gulu.  He is very capable and creative and we expect him to be a great problem-solv er as he develops on the project.

Junior is 14 and a thoughtful boy from rural Gulu.  He would like to see him flourish in ICT over the next few months, as this will help him achieve good results at school and on our project.

Daisy is 14 and from Kisenyi.  She performed very well in our testing process and is very confident, which is important for girls growing up in slum areas.

Barbara is 14 and from Acholi Quarter.  She already has projects under her belt as an Ashoka Youth Venturer, supporting abused children in the slum area.

Brian is 15 and from rural Gulu.  He lives in an area starved of water and other resources and has made it his aim to bring water to his community.

Beckham is 12 and a football nut! (as might be expected).  However, he has understood the power of football as an outreach methodology and set up a project to engage with youth not going to school using football.

Dorothy is 14 and speaks English very well, considering her upbringing in rural Gulu.  She is new to us but we hope to see great things from her, as she develops.

Reagan is 15 and performed very well in our North recruitment.  He lives in rural Gulu and we expect him to move from strength to strength during this year.

Kenneth is 13 and also the editor of Acholi Quarter Youth News.  He is interested in journalism and puzzles and has included creative writing into his most recent newspapers.

If you would like to support them financially or otherwise in their training, and education this year, please contact me at socentafrica@gmail.com


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