My name is Ojimam Ivan.

I am 13 years old.

The neighbour is basically what every one in the world needs as the saying no man is an island we need each other to live happily .The world is loosing many children to the ground it’s just because we still luck what to call a good neighbour to them .The world can be a better place to live in if we all knew our neighbours.

There are still millions of children not only in Africa but in the whole world who don’t have who to call a neighbour that they can look at for support and care. Their parents only are not enough that is why in Christianity there is what we call a God parent to each child .So you and me can offer a hand to be a good neighbour to them .

And let it be MY DREAM MY CHANCE “if we all have the same dream of seeing a better tomorrow for them then it’s our chance to make it ’’.

  Just as it’s in the bible when angels told a message to  Abraham .9 months from now your wife Sarah will have a child .she laughs cause it was like a dream to her to have a child at her age “Genesis 18:9-15”

Everything is a dream before it becomes a reality so every dream deserves a chance to become a reality .just as the old say, if you stop to dream you stop to live because we live to achieve our dreams in life.

There are many questions that same times we fail to know who should be asked and who should give us the answers to them so we remain wondering what to do with the questions .you might have all seen this happen in your homes, families, within your communities and within our streets.

Why should a child fail to go to school? Why should a child be given work which is not of her age and why should a child be seen on streets begging yet the rest are in schools all this happens in our communities .

For long have asked myself why are some people rich and some poor .why is there a better school and a poor school and why is there two sides in one world the better side and a bad side and why can’t we all fight for a better world.

Have you ever asked yourself what have I done just once for the good of my community how many times have I been a good neighbour for people around me?

It always hurts me and even you I belive to see a dream of every child die at a attender age and somehow somewhere we have given a hand in killing that dream by not being a good neighbour.

The world belongs to you, to me and to everyone angels will never come down to do what you and me are meant to fix so it’s my duty it’s our concern that we become good neighbours to this world especially to the children that need our help.

so when we get to be good neighbours to the children around us it my dream and my chance you plant to their future. when I read the stories of my hero Nelson Mandela he had a dream of seeing a nation where both the black and the white could live together and he had a chance to see it happen and today we are a witness to that. so am inspired that together we can work for my dream my chance to change the lives of the children that need our help.

It is a dream of every child to live but how can we say that every dream is achieved yet there are still dying because of diseases like malaria.

It is dream for every child in Africa especially to have a good and a better life but how can we say that a dream is achieved yet children still starve with hunger of a meal a day.

It is a dream for every child to study but how can we say it is achieved yet out of every ten children it is only one who might complete up to university.

In summery my dream my chance is one step walk into my project THE NEIGHBOUR  that has an objective to reach to every child that needs my help, your help our help as  afriend

Thank you










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