christmas treeAlmost everyone, or even everyone on earth knows the significance of
Christmas in life. It is a day that many wish never to miss.
Celebrating Christmas started very long ago and it will continue till
God decides. Everyone has his/her wishes and dreams about that day,
some come true and unfortunately, others never come true. And it feels
bad not enjoying such a long waited day to one’s expectations,
however, it feels great enjoying it the exact way one wished.

Here are some of the expectations of Christmas from the members of Chrysalis:

Otim Joseph says he feels so happy that Christmas is on its door and
he hopes to feel great on that day, he wants to eat rice and beans on
that day, go to Miami beach, he says he feels bad spending his
Christmas in the village because it is so boring since in the village
you have to first dig if it is not on Sunday, harvest some crops, sell
the harvest-so that you can get money to spend on the day and there
after you remember to celebrate the day. And if you don’t sell the
harvest, then you won’t have the money to spend and enjoy the day. He
says most people like eating meat on Christmas but for his case, he
doesn’t want it, he also wants to travel to lake Victoria and after
then, to enjoy a Christmas party but he’s scared the party and the
going to the beach might not happen.

Awany James who studies from St.Matia Mulumba says he really enjoyed
last Christmas-he went to church and enjoyed the service but the
weather was not very condusive since it had rained which never
impressed him. He says he would like things to change this Christmas
for instance; he wouldn’t like it to rain like it did last Christmas,
he would also like eat better food and drinks and he wishes the day
becomes colourful. He would also like to have fun and visit some
relatives plus friends who stay in different areas.

Ochaka Samuel would like to enjoy very many things on Christmas
including having good time with his family, interacting with friends,
visiting new places, drinking and eating, dressing well and he prays
it doesn’t rain that day.

Ochora Walter is very happy seeing Christmas coming soon, he says he
never enjoyed the last one to his best because it rained and was a bit
boring . He wishes to enjoy this Christmas with his friends, go to
different places like at Entebbe zoo, eat rice, meat, macrons, drink a
lot of milk and soda and enjoy some music, however, he is scared he
might not be able to go to the zoo because of money problems.

Cosmas Otim(11) says to him, last Christmas was fair because he got to
watch the Christmas Chrysalis Production show of which was very
interesting and unfortunately he didn’t dress the way he wanted. He
would like to have a new pair of shoes and some new nice cloths but
he’s worried he might not be able to get what he wishes to.

Ochola James(15) says he spent last Christmas with his parents and his
siblings of which was good and which got to have unusual but special
and good food. This Christmas, he would like to have enough money to
be able to enjoy to his expectations and also to go to the village. He
would also like the day to be full of fun but he’s worried he might
not be able to get the money.

Opio Hassan(13) says last Christmas was just the way he wanted it to
be because he enjoy it to his expectations. He prays that this one, he
gets new cloths, a bicycle and a play station. All he expects this
Christmas is joy and fun because he hopes to enjoy it with his family
and friends; he thinks Christmas is a day that everyone spends  with
his/her loved ones. the only thing he’s afraid of is not spending it
with his mum because she is still in village but he says he prays she
comes over.

Ocen Hassan(13) says his last Christmas was nice and he expects this

one to be fantastic because he will be able to spend it with his
family of which many don’t get this chance and so he believes he’s
just lucky. What he would like to have this Christmas is a bicycle,
and prays his mum gets a business.  Also he prays that this Christmas,
he gets a play station; but he’s  worried he might not get all he
wants because of financial problems.

Amon Sisto says he wants to have good food and be happy with his
friends whereas Ojapan Derrick wishes to ro for swimming this
Christmas and have Chicken and drinks.He feels this Christmas he may
not have anything that he says last Christmas was boring since he ate
normal food .

Canowira Tomas says his last Christmas was good to him because he
spent  it with his family in the village and was happy to meet his
grand mum and to eat special food like chicken on Christmas.

Oswaldo Ochira says he wishes everyone a merry Christmas but he’s
worried he might miss dancing even this Christmas because he missed
last Christmas’ dance and he never enjoyed it at all but he’s trying
to get that out of his memory because he’s going forward. He’s also
very happy having Christmas knocking just on the door and he’s so

Higuain Simon Peter says last year’s Christmas to him was okay and he
also believes this one will be okay as well.

Maria Keri says shewishes to eat chocolate because it’s her favourite
and also to drink a new type of juice. She says she will miss her
grand mother and father because they are in village and she doesn.t
think she’ll go there. Her last Christmas was great because she ate
delicious food and also went for a birthday party to her friend’s

Akuullo Robbinah wishes to have a new pair of shoes and a new bag on
Christmas but she’s scared her parents may be in position to buy them
for her due to lack of enough funds. She further says she will miss
going to the village but she’s happy she might enjoy the day at
Chrysalis centre. She says her last year’s Christmas was so great
because her father had made a party for her and she ate delicious
meals that day.

Aweku Babra says this Christmas, she wishes to have a party and present Christmas songs and also have fun.She will miss going with her

parents to the National park and to village. Her last Christmas was
the best Christmas ever in her life because she really enjoyed the
singing and went with her friends to the cinema hall.

If there’s anyone who can help make these people’s dreams of Christmas
come true, your help is most welcome.


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