Life style in Acholi Quarter

1379426_670729806280281_2089772346_nLife style in Acholi Quarter is very complicated, as you may put on a suit and drive your car or use a public vehicle to go to work. The people in Acholi quarter get their: hammers, broken jelly cans, wear tone shoes and clothes and slop down the quarry to scratch stones, hence to earn $1-$2 a day.

They will not rest all day! no matter the heavy sunshine of tropical Africa or rainfall, because if they do then the $1 will not be achieved and this maybe result to starving their families for a day missed in the quarry.

Imagine such a life, it might sound strongly unbelievable but guess what, it’s even more indescribable if you look at questions like “WHY”??? So if you are out there reading this article just imagine, “if you can help them”


One thought on “Life style in Acholi Quarter

  1. am raymond otika 4m gulu. hopes 2 say well done and may u continue with what ure doing and god will help u all. amen

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