Corporal Punishment – Standing up for Yourself is the best thing

We’re going to do a short series on the views of youth on corporal punishment in Uganda.  Samuel Lubangakene (17) opens with this piece:

In most schools of Uganda, the students are being caned and are given
any other kind of punishment some time with no good reasons but the
teachers insists on punishing them. Through that some time you find
that the students are not passing the exams well simply because they
fear the teacher and also in contributing in the class. They can think
that if they give a wrong answer, they will be caned. Myself it has
ever happen to me. They can come and find some students making noise
and decides to take every one out of the class and make them to lay
down on the floor making all the students’ uniform dusty and the worst
is that you will be putting on white shirt.

One day when I was in my primary school, the teacher came and said
that there was a friend of ours who went in office and used the office
stamp and so that we are all going to be punished. We tried to
apologize even though we were not among the people who played
with the school stamp. The teacher rejected our apology and he wanted
to cane us but I was not ready to be punished because I didn’t do it so
I had to standup for myself. He told me to leave his class and by that
time was the head teacher so he suspended me for two weeks. I talked
about it with my father and he understood me and he decided to change
the school so I went to new school but the teacher who suspended me
was never happy with me, telling myself friends that I was bad-mannered
and big-headed but I didn’t mind about that. But standing up for yourself
is the best thing most so when you have not done that thing.


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