There’s no Problem without a solution – Martin Kayondo, aged 17

I am 17 years old and I joined the Butterfly Project in 2009 and have been having training sessions with it about social entrepreneurship and change making.

IMG_1168 - Martin

My passion lies in writing, reading plus problem-solving.  I like taking time thinking (making my brain busy) about different issues in the world.

I have a project called the WORD ACT Project where I work with the Director of the Butterfly Project (Ben Parkinson), Abdiel Kude (my mentor from Nigeria), and Ssuuna Francis (another member of the Butterfly Project) who runs the V4C (Vision 4 Change) Project.

My project is located in Lyantonde District and its objective is to see how the problems of poverty, corruption and violence can be eradicated from the District.

I have got a belief that there’s no problem without a solution and so I make time to make research about the social problems affecting the people, consult and ask local and international people that I know to see that I find solutions to these problems and make sure these solutions are implemented.

So far, I have managed to solve the problem of strikes at St Gonzaga Senior School through talking to students orally, writing articles about the dangers of strikes and also encouraging them to focus on how we can solve the social problems, without causing more problems.

Also, together with the V4C Project, we managed to engage ourselves in solving the water crisis, which had affected Lyantonde for a year by talking to the leaders which gave them courage to work so hard that now tap water has been restored.  We also managed to raise the issue of water harvesting, which reduces the local needs for tap water.

I call upon everyone in the world to develop a selfless heart and to unite to see that we fly over the problems of the world.

Let’s not just talk and write, let’s act too.

To every problem, there is a solution.


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