I live in a remote rural Ugandan village, but I will be an International Citizen, by Charles aged 15

My name is Charles Obuk and I have been a member of the Butterfly Project since January 2011 and have gained knowledge and skills to make me a changemaker.  I live in a village in rural Agoro sub-county, which is in Lamwo District in Northern Uganda.


I am impressed to be a social entrepreneur and I am burning to be a changemaker as an international citizen.  I am dreaming of mov

ing worldwide ro make sure that some changes are made for a better world.  Besides that I want to be an agricultural extensionist in which I will apply the knowledge of creating change to develop my villages and other villages as well.  More important that I would like to establish at least a relatively cheap schools for the village children in affordable condition.

And surely I believe I will create at least much more better changes in future, because so far I am struggling to create change through my Drama project, which I believe can do better.  All in all I feel like this one is not enough and hence I would like to establish a big social project that will enahnce the development, thus changing our communities, country (Uganda) as well as the world, which lies on my dream to be an international citizen and changemaker.

That’s what I am working towards!


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