We are Living in a Dot Com Generation – Manisuli (16)

Manisuli - shaping his future world in clay

Manisuli – shaping his future world in clay

My name is Manisuli Miyingo and I am a member of the Butterfly Project Pioneer Group.  My passion lies in ICT training and this has helped me create positive change in my area.

I train young disadvantaged children how to use a computer, most especially the Microsoft Windows Operating System and I also give them experience of working with other networks, such as the internet.

Now many of them know how to use Microsoft Office and they can now type, as fast as they can write and some of them even teach their fellows what they learnt from me.

Because my passion lies in ICT, I want to extend my project into other remote areas of Uganda, like Rakai, where children don’t even dream of having access to a computer.  We are living in a dot com generation, so it is important that as many young people as possible are given the opportunity to learn how to use a computer and I love to see new young disadvantaged children have this chance get access to computers.


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