Dutch Artist walks 100km to Support Butterfly Project in Uganda

The members of the Butterfly Project in Uganda has been a friend of the staff at Galerie Akku in the Netherlands since 2010, when our project with Kushinda which we called “Imagine us Here” was exhibiting art painted by children living in the slum areas appeared at the National Cultural Centre in Kampala, as part of the Bayimba Arts Festival.  Some of these piece of art were exhibited too in the children’s art section of Galerie Akku.

Education under a Tree

My home and my dog, by Daniel aged 12

Later in 2010-2011, we developed an original project for young children in the Netherlands, to help them understand a little about the lives and families of children in the slums of Uganda.  The project was called Pencil Pals and involved us swapping images painted by both sets of children. Each set of children painted or drew pictures of themselves and their families and named them.  The Dutch children were surprised by how many were in the family and also, perhaps, how well the slum children could paint.

Mercy, aged 12

This year, Cara Boerwinkel from the Galerie Akku arranged for one of the exhibitions – Lentekriebels (Spring Fever) at the gallery to be used as a means of raising money for the Butterfly Project and just recently, one of their staff team, Jetje Noten, took part in the Vierdaagse in Nijmegen – the Walk of the World – which is a 100km walk, which takes place over four days. — Thank you so much, Jetje, for walking on behalf of us and the kids of the Acholi Quarter!

To keep in touch with the work at the Chrysalis Centre click here.

You might want to check out our new fundraising campaign here and help us build a new Campus.

Thank you Cara and Jetje, who made this happen!


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