Fundraising Targets for 2013 – BUTTERFLY PROJECT

In January 2013, we have to vacate our existing Chrysalis Centre premises, as our landlord has other plans for them.  This means that we must develop a strategy to operate in a new location from this date.

At the moment we are seeking people who are prepared to financially support our project into the future.  Each year we have to raise money for our members’ school fees as well as the training and lifeskills activities that we run for local slum children.  We have core money pledged for 2013, but a great deal more is needed ahead of our relocation to a new site in January, when our existing Centre must move.

We have found a new site in the Acholi Quarter, at an estimated cost of £10,000, for three acres.  We ultimately aim to build a complete campus there, but this page shows the steps by which this can be achieved.

The basic option will be for the project to move to a new rented site and all project members continuing to be schooled at standard schools, as is happening in 2012.  Activities for local children may have to be adapted to the new temporary location.  Below we list what can be achieved at various levels of funding:


At £15,000, land can be purchased, though it may only be used for agriculture, at this stage.  We will still need to rent a new centre, as the money will not yet be available to construct.  However, acquiring land will reserve it and enable us to start construction, when more funding becomes available.  Some trusts require you to own land ahead of requesting funding from them.


At £30,000 income, we can acquire land and build a base for the Chrysalis Activity Centre, utilising existing equipment that we already have – bunks, play equipment, computers, bathroom, etc.  This base can then be used to run training and activities for local children.  The project would then continue, as it has been, but now with its own permanent grounds.  Unused land can be used to grow crops, which can help subsidise on-costs.


With £50,000, we can build all the necessary buildings for the Chrysalis School in addition to the Centre and can start to evolve the campus.  Equipment will be basic, but we will have sufficient to run the four classes required for a senior school.  The Centre will be used to train teachers in new empowering teaching methods.  Our trainees in Butterfly North will live at the Centre and go to school at the Chrysalis Senior School.  One office will be dedicated to starting the computer repair business.


This will recruit a new group of 12 trainees from remote rural areas and house them at the Chrysalis Centre, where they will also attend the Chrysalis Senior School at Senior 1. We will run a full Young Social Entrepreneurs Programme, which includes children from other slums in Kampala during holiday periods . The perimeter wall will be extended to encircle the whole campus for the best security.  A youth co-operative training programme will be instituted and new youth businesses started up.  Poverty alleviation equipment, such as drip irrigation, will be available for demonstration and purchase.  Specialist international accommodation will be available for overseas visitors, wishing to study and implement poverty alleviation methodologies.  All elements of the project will be in place.  However, we estimate a further £100,000 in equipment will be required before the Campus is fully operational.


The Chrysalis Campus will be complete and fully equipped.  See the plans at this link.

We’ve now launched a new campaign at Indiegogo, where you can earn rewards, as well as supporting us.

The table below summarises the situation at each funding level:


Land acquisition Chrysalis Activity Centre for slum children Schooling for young social entrepreneurs Social Entrepreneurship and Co-operative Training Ethical Business Centre
Less than £15,000 None New rented Centre Sent to local schools Occasional weekend sessions None
£15,000-£29,999 3 acres will be used for agriculture and training New rented centre Sent to local schools Regular weekend sessions None
£30,000-£49,999 3 acres acquired Chrysalis Activity Centre built Sent to local schools Regular weekend sessions, numbers expanded None
£50,000-£149,999 3 acres acquired Chrysalis Activity Centre built Chrysalis Senior School built Regular weekend and holiday training sessions ICT Repair business launched
£150,000- £250,000 3 acres acquired Full campus built, using existing equipment – the greater the figure, the more equipment we will have for the site.

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