The Chrysalis Campus – Investing in Disadvantaged Youth


The Chrysalis Campus is a new initiative from Chrysalis Limited, which we believe will help transform the most deprived areas of Uganda into areas of inspiration, innovation and youth enterprise.  From our experience in the Butterfly Project, we strongly believe that young people can achieve far more, with just some additional investment in their personal development and education.  The Chrysalis Campus fills a gap, particularly felt by children in the most deprived communities, as it aims to recognise and nurture talent, build confidence and skills in young people, where little little exists to stimulate their development.

The Chrysalis Campus is a place for the development of Uganda’s social entrepreneurs and changemakers.  Everything about it is geared towards positive-thinking, empowerment, capability, talent-development, yet this concept school and training facility teaches the young people of Uganda how to care about their fellow human beings, ethics, international issues, human rights and how to “be the change”.

Four focus areas for Chrysalis Campus

While the Chrysalis Campus is a school, its grounds are not restricted to pupils at the school.  Any children living in the nearby slum district are welcome outside school hours and, indeed, this group will be the main focus of activity during the school holiday period, providing activities, training and a chance to participate in youth businesses and co-operatives, as well as learn to care about their peers.

The campus will also be the headquarters of a range of unique developments in Uganda, designed to provide real expertise and knowledge on a range of subjects to children from the most disadvantaged parts of Uganda, most particularly rural children, who desire to improve living standards in their communities.  These children, aged 12-19, are already part of a unique project known as the Butterfly Project, which teaches teenagers how to create change in their communities.

Lastly, the campus will house a hub for business development in Kampala, focusing around ethical entrepreneurship and co-operative development, operating its own ethical businesses, which are designed to change the standards in the market in Uganda.

While many projects focus on older youth, this programme works with teenagers to bring about change in Uganda.  We have been testing this concept since 2009 and discovered that the Ugandan teenagers we work with are more than capable of this aim and they are keener to embrace a new corruption-free society than their older counterparts.  We work to nurture their spirit of altruism and help them develop a network of youth who are similarly enthusiastic about the future of Africa.  The Chrysalis Campus is the framework from where the young people develop this hope and inspiration.

The Campus will contain four different sections:

1. The Chrysalis Senior School for the Education of Young Social Entrepreneurs

2. The Chrysalis Centre for the Empowerment of Children, which provides fun activities and sports for children, as well as training them in social skills and care for others.

3. The Chrysalis Training Centre, which provides specialist training in entrepreneurship, social enterprise, ecology and environmental issues, poverty alleviation techniques and co-operative development

4. The Chrysalis Ethical Business Centre, which will be a hub for Ethical business in Kampala.

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing more information about the project and inviting more participants.  If you would like to be on the mailing list, then send an email here.

Site Overview – annotated with some of the innovations

Classroom interior – Chrysalis Senior School

Site Plan – Chrysalis Campus

Chrysalis Campus Visual Representation


3 thoughts on “The Chrysalis Campus – Investing in Disadvantaged Youth

  1. That’s agreat chance for the community to advance as well as training and a chance to participate in youth businesses and co-operatives, as well as learn to care about their peers congratulations please.

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