My name is Ssuuna Francis. I am 16 years old From Lyantonde District Uganda and I am a member of the Butterfly project Pioneer Group.
I was born from the village where there is no use of communication technology, no computers, but in 2009 I joined the Butterfly project where I found that Internet and learning how to use a computer was part of our to do list as young Change makers of Uganda.
 From then I have experienced many changes and I have learnt many things though internet. In Uganda internet is not taken as something serious more especially for young people.
 They think that Internet is only needed for those people who work in offices and some don’t have access. You find that here in Uganda people get to use internet when they are old and they don’t know how to use it properly, that’s why here at the Butterfly project we give a chance to young people to get use of internet and computers.
What is internet?
The Internet can be described as a global system of computer networks that uses the standardized Transmission control protocol/Internet protocol and are usually interconnected. As  the technology for internet progressed  and its presence widened, it eventually became popular due to a number  of almost endless capability it can offer, include electronic mail systems, information distribution, file sharing, multimedia streaming services and online social networking. The internet has significantly served billions of people around the world.
Since the Internet has become a part of the popular culture and our lives, it has been widely considered as a necessity especially in this millennial age. The boundless communication it provides makes the Internet an important medium of communication.
The advantages of the internet definitely outweigh its disadvantages. Some of the great benefits of the Internet over communication networks are its global presence, easy accessibility and wide scale communication. Since the presence of internet can be found almost everywhere across the world, you will not have any problem accessing it.
Internet is equally a part of communication which is needed to be learnt by everyone across the world. Using internet e.g. Skype makes you think differently and it widens your thinking skills; you think that you can also make something more powerful than Skype so, this shows that using internet today can lead to introduction of powerful technology in the future generation. Internet has changed the world because it helps people to learn, share ideas and develop their communities.
Internet has helped me to think and develop my ideas because every time I search for something new to write about I can share it with the rest of world.  Internet has helped me to learn new words and develop my English vocabulary both written and spoken. Internet has helped me to keep up with the rest of the world and I have learnt how change can be created in certain place.
Thanks for your attention.

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