DAY 2: Nancy Lakot – Bringing Confidence to Girls in Villages

Nancy handing over some donated clothes to members of her girls group

Nancy Lakot is not a traditional girl.  She’s not outspoken, she’s not poorly-behaved, she’s not angry.  But she’s very insightful.

Nancy was 15 in November and has had a wonderful developmental year at the Chrysalis School for Young Social Entrepreneurs.  Her grades have improved from distinctly average to good and as she progresses, then she will do better, as I can perceive her capability from her perception of herself.

Nancy comes from a very beautiful part of Northern Uganda, known as Lalac and it is in Lokung sub-county.  Lalac, as you would imagine, has a lake and Nancy is looking to see how she can persuade local people to develop fish cultivation in this natural resource.  She was one of four members we took to Kabalore, to learn about the potential of fishfarming and also how to implement a programme.

The beauty of Lalac

Lokung has very fertile land, yet still is poverty-stricken, with local people still set in the way of subsistence farming.  However, Nancy’s family has branched out a little and trades some of thei goods in neighbouring Sudan.

With most of the members, she has learnt how to cultivate watermelon and her crop this year was second only to Charles in productivity.  We know these melon fruits can help many subsistence farmers move out of poverty and this is our main strategy for 2012, now that we have gained experience in growing.  Nancy has taken 1000 seeds home to plant over Christmas.

However, where Nancy has thrived most is in leadership.  Many of the local slum girls see her as their leader and this has fed her confidence, while we too have tried to demonstrate to her that she can be a leader.  In August 2011, she travelled back to her village and ran a number of children’s activity sessions, using games, dance, singing that she had learnt at the Centre.  She also found a number of girls locally who she feels can help her achieve her objectives in the village.  The activities included also boardgames, which we have found to be extremely good activities for villages, where of course there is no electricity.

Nancy has a partial sponsor, but to ensure she stays at school next year, we need to raise some money for her food and board.  If you can help with this, then please write to this email.

Nancy taking on the boys at cards on Heroes Day


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