My First time to the cinema

My First time to the cinema

I’m Ssuuna Francis a 16 young Ugandan social entrepreneur from the Butterfly project pioneer group.

My fist time to visit a cinema was in 2009. I was 14years old, and
I was just learning how to be a change maker because I had just joined the Butterfly project. I was from the village where I had no idea whether cinemas existed. I had no idea how interesting watching a film can be, because I had never watched a film before but when I visited Cineplex in Kampala my life was changed because I started to know that though movies many changes can be created and they can change the people’s lives positively or negatively according to what the movies is all about.

My first film was called 2012.This film is so creative and interesting to watch although it is a bit scaring. It is a film which can bring change in societies around the world. it was named 2012 in order to show people what is going to happen in 2012.I was scared to watch this film because I thought that what I was watching was true and is going to happen according to the scientists. It was a good film educating people about the uses of their environment, it was saying that if people don’t conserve their environment that is going to happen maybe not in 2012 but in the future.

This film influenced my life and my future thinking’s .I started planning about how I can protect my environment because in my village (community) people destroy the environment because they don’t know the effects. Mostly people destroy the environment because they are cutting down the trees for wood fuel.

When I watched that film it helped to widen my mind and one day we visited a place called Katende Harambe; it is place where they practice all types of farming and training. They had many things but I got interested in the biogas system project. This is the system of producing gas from animal wastes. It is a good system of conserving the environment because it produces gas which can be used for cooking for cooking instead of firewood.

I went for training and I was trained how to do a biogas system because I think that the Biogas project is good for people in my village and they need to be trained about the effect of cutting down the trees. I have many projects which I have written on, on our blog and this Biogas is part of protecting the environment.

Thanks for your attention


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