My name is Nyeko Zisite and I am one of  the members of Butterfly North  from Lamwo District in Northern Uganda. I was chosen for  this project and I was the only one to have been interviewed twice.  There were two left in Agoro and they interviewed us together and I was the one picked.  I am 14 and, like the others studying in Senior one at the Chrysalis Sschool  and  I have been responsible for several holiday projects this year, such as the Scrub Club which taught local slum children about why general cleanliness is important.  My other project, which is running all year round, is Chicken for Change.

Nyeko Zisite by the blackboard in the Chrysalis School

The idea for doing the project came from Judith Amito, one of the Butterfly Pioneers as she used to be in the Acholi Quarter.  This project has been  started through a grant from the Emily Foundation, which Ben applied for and it was given to help children working in dangerous places. Chicken for Change is the project which was started to  help children working in Kireka Stone Quarry and the project  was started in June this year, when we interviewed the boys to find out what they knew about chicken farming.  We picked six – James, Isaac, Eric, Emmanuel, Samuel and Alfred.  Samuel wasn’t there for the photo below.

Left to right - Eric, Isaac, Emmanuel, James, Nyeko and Alfred

The purpose of this project  is to help children working in the quarry to earn money safely, as the quarries often collapse and the work there is very hard for very little money.

The Chicken House is at the back of the Chrysalis Centre and and we have taught the boys how to care for the chicks.

This weekend we are going to collect the chicks.  We are buying them at 2 weeks old, because younger ones often don’t survive.

I will post some pictures of the chicks when they come and also take some photos of the chicken house.  We learnt about how to care for chicks at Katende Harambe, an organisation that trains people in how to be a good farmer and use the best methods.


All of us on the Butterfly North Project are interested in ways we can develop our villages and last weekend four of us – Peter, Nancy, Charles and me – visited a fishfarm  in kabalore, near Kasese.  We  learnt about how to  construct a fish pond and Ben came with this ideas  and he wants us  to think about starting ours  in our villages.  I think it will generate  a lot of money to people and I will start mine next year.

Charles, me, the trainer (George), Nancy, Peter and Alex (our Manager)


Being in Kampala I  have achieved many things in life and seen things which I would never have done in Kitgum town.  There was special food  eg.  Chicken Tikka Masala, pizzas and hot dogs which I ate in Kampala and they are not in our village.  I saw different places like the National Theatre, Garden City and the  Shoprite supermarket which I never  saw when I was in our village.  I started knowing how to use a  computer  in Kampala and I know now how to type and communicate with people around the world using a computer, through mail , chatting and eve Skype and this has helped me think and be a better person.

This is us at the Theatre with Gilbert (top left) and Brian (at the front)

This is when we were at the Rainbow International School in Uganda .

This was a quiz that I did with the children in the Acholi Quarter and it improved children’s knowledge and interest in going to schooland this is the one of activities  happening often  in the Centre.

Another activity happening at the centre is Taekwondo.  The purpose of doing taekwond0  is to  make our body fitter and create self confident self  defence and make us strong and it is a sport.  At the weekend we are competing to be at the National Championships.

This is at the Meeting Point and it was sparring day on Sunday and Tuesday  and on Friday we do training.

You can support this programme at the Social Entrepreneurship site Start Some Good.


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