My Streetkids Drama Project at Chrysalis

My name is Charles Obuk and I live  in  Uganda, Lamwo district.  I was interviewed last year in order to be a member of this Butterfly Project and fortunately I have qualified and  was chosen to be in this project so for now I have been living in Kampala since I joined this project in February 2011.  I am staying at Chrysalis Centre but schooling from Chrysalis Senior Secondary School, Kireka in Kampala near Banda, Kinawataka road.

With me being at the Chrysalis Centre, I have learnt many things.

First of all I can explain what the Chrysalis Centre and Chrysalis School are.

The Chrysalis Centre is a place where all children who are interested in learning many things are allowed to enter freely and share time together with their friends.    It is open from Mondays to Fridays.   This centre is an empowering place to come.   It empowers each and every one including local children from Acholi quarter to become talents.   It empowers  gifted and talented young children especially.

This centre gives every member a chance to run their own project and, as a result, it links people, children and their friends to work together as a team.

I have also started my own project which is a Drama project.   The reason why we  are trying to run our project and get our members by ourselves is to develop a self confidence which may help  us in any situation e.g. standing up for our rights without fearing.

In the first picture, I was working with an adult who is also very good at drama and he has been helping me develop my ideas.  Then in the second picture, that boy, Nyeko, is acting as a father working at the garden.

The first drama I made was about street children.   It was telling people why they live on the street,  the reasons they act like they do when they are on the streets and how we can help them.   This does not mean that we have street children  in the drama but we just put some people to act as the street children, although some local children do live on the streets and even some have stayed at our Centre.  We also find that lack of parental care can also cause street children.

We find that fathers do not give children requirements and he gives corporal punishment, when they complain. Often he does not give money for food, but instead he drinks alcohol and then returns home to beat his child and his wife.  This is commonly happening in Uganda right now.

Sometimes we also visit other schools in Kampala to find out what they do at their schools.   Below, for example, you can see us making bracelets and necklaces using beads together with them.

This was from Rainbow International School.
We have also been running some children activities in our own villages.
This was mainly because we want to develop a co-operation with the villages and this may also be the  best way of creating the change  in the rural areas that we want to see over the next few years.

You can support this programme at the Social Entrepreneurship site Start Some Good.


One thought on “My Streetkids Drama Project at Chrysalis

  1. I think that Charles has a lot of interesting and relevant things to say. The first is that he is indignant and unhappy about the treatment of children, particularly by fathers and this caused him to write a play about it to try to make a difference. So to me that means that their is no inevitability about this abuse, if you can inform children about their rights.

    The second thing is about the need for an “open all hours” centre for children where they can come and meet with their friends. Most children’s activities are “organised” and “recruited for” and, when the activities are not on, then the children have nowhere to go and can therefore get into trouble or stray very far afield. Our Centre has a membership system, as we must protect our equipment from theft, but, once a member, then a member can come to the Centre most of the time.

    Lastly, like all of the Chrysalis School members he has an eagerness to learn new things, be a part of a fairer and safer Uganda, empower other children and be a positive citizen making a difference in his country, so support for these young people can never be wasted.

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