My name is Akena Reagan Peter, I am 13 years old and I live in Uganda in Kitgum district , and I am nowadays studying at Chrysalis School for Young Social Entrepreneurs in Senior one. I joined the Butterfly project in November 2010 and the Butterfly Project  is located at Kireka Kinawataka Road working in Acholi quarters.  It empowers gifted and talented Ugandan youth.

Butterfly project has made me to achieve alot of things along which include development of my other talents:

Art, Writing skills, Reading skills

Public speaking,

Creative subjects like Ethics, Problem solving, Activism and Practical mathematics, which helps us know how to apply our knowledge

I was also in position to start up my own project working in Acholi quarters and I deal with some children from age 11-13 years  as my newspaper reporters. I started it in April of this year 2011.  The name of the news paper is AQ(Acholi quarters) Youth News and you can read the latest edition here.

Its aims is to create a change in the environment of Acholi Quarter and make young children to be good writers and reporters in the future or in their age.  Adults have said we should charge for it, but at the moment we don’t.

I do it in Holidays but I don’t do it in school days because the children will be busy studying and will not have enough time to search for news.

  This is  me and Kenneth from my reporting club.

I also sometimes write for the Razor newspaper and so far I have written two articles and it was about the environmental degradation and about the recent lightning news, when children were killed in a school in a storm.

 This was one of the article I wrote with Joel, one of my project mates and classmate.  I wrote about environmental degradation and he wrote about HIV/AIDS  in Razor news paper.

We do a lot of activities at the Butterfly Project and one which I enjoyed a lot was:


In mid-term one, we went for a trip to Entebbe with two of our teachers to see and learn about different species of animals at Entebbe.

It was a nice trip since we show a lot of interesting animals like monkeys, zebras, gorillas etc. and different birds like the peacock, crested crane, duck-bill platypus

We also enjoyed travelling with the horses and camel.

And the picture below is the picture for the trip;


Pictures of Butterfly North in Entebbe



  1. You write very well Peter and your journalist project is great; it is also great to see you advising and mentoring others in your project, you should be very proud of yourself.

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