Newsletter No.5 is out!

As part of our confidence-building this year, all our pupils took part in Acrobatics

Writing the newsletter has been something of a labour of love this month, deciding what to go in and what to leave out.  the theme is “Building on success” and so that’s why I include the photo.  On the top is Ojepan, who is an young art prodigy we work with and underneath is Kenneth, who is one of the reporters in the Acholi Quarter Youth News.  Both need a sponsor, by the way and the world will be a better place, if they had a sponsor!  You can find out more about them here.

I have also been working on a Flickr photo web-site, as there are many interesting photos depicting life in Uganda for children.  The most recent few formed part of those taken to record the process of recruitment for the Chrysalis School, Uganda.  Most of the photos have a commentary, explaining the background to that particular picture.  You can access it here.

The kids are working on their blogs, but power is still horrendous and the window of opportunity for blogging for them is much smaller than before, but we hope to have a couple out before the end of September.

Money has now come through for our Chicken for Change and Liquid Soap Project, so we should see some developments on these in the next few weeks.

If you want to read the newsletter, then you can access it here.


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