Concept Business: Poverty Fluxx

Last year, I was able to support Butterfly Project member, Samuel Lubangakene, at the Chrysalis Centre.  He has been held back at school, as he lived in a village in Northern Uganda for many years and is still in Primary 6, though he is right at the top of the class.  Samuel learns very fast and therefore is very clever at learning many things, including board games and card games.  He is one of our greatest assets to Chrysalis and I hope he will be in our Senior school in 2013!

Fluxx was one of the very first games that I brought to Uganda.  I had no idea how board games would be received, but I was aware of the benefits that they can bring in many useful skills, including planning and thinking ahead, social and persuasive skills and also trading games are very good at helping the development of mental arithmetic, which is not really taught in schools here for whatever reason.  Fluxx, for those who have played it , is about flexibility and changing your goals, but using what cards you have to improve the chances of you reaching your objective, so it’s quite a useful game for problem-solving.

Samuel learnt it in double-quick time and later we decided that there could be a market for a new version of Fluxx.  The publishers already have many versions, but there is none like ours.  We devised a cool concept for the game, which would differentiate it from the other versions, and then Samuel set about using his artistic talent to develop the cards we would use.  Here are some of the cards we came up with:

We worked out that if people paid a premium for a “Charity” game, then we could earn money from this premium and even 1000 pack sales could generate fees for 40 children for one year at one of the local primary schools.  We have talked to the Fluxx publishers about this and, to date, they have not shown interest.  So, whould we continue, or perhaps adapt our game to publish it independently?

For more information on Fluxx go to

Seriously, “Chicken for Change” is starting to motor, so it will be blogged about soon…maybe next time!


One thought on “Concept Business: Poverty Fluxx

  1. What an extremely creative school enterprise idea! I hope you can get permission to produce a local version of the game – I doubt Looney Labs would lose many sales as a result, and it could be great publicity for them!

    Good luck


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