Welcome to the Chrysalis School for Young Social Entrepreneurs, Uganda

This is the School Entrepreneurship Challenge web-site for the Chrysalis School for young Social Entrepreneurs. If you want to see more about us, then you can go directly to our web-site www.socialenterpriseafrica.org but here and only here will we be talking about the entrepreneurship activities planned at the Chrysalis School and Chrysalis Centre.

We live at the Chrysalis Centre and there is much more space there, so much of what we do happens at our Centre, rather than at school, which is where we learn our subjects.

For our first blog, I wanted to talk to you about Liquid Soap. I like to call it cleaning fluid, but everyone here uses the term “Liquid soap.” The stuff works really very well and we learnt how to make it a couple of months ago from another entrepreneurship organisation in Kampala, Remode. They have taught us quite a few things and last week even helped us learn about business plans ahead of us drawing up the Business Plan for the School Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Where we live is near Kinawataka, which means “The Soil of Dust”, and the red dust gets everywhere. Even walking along the road to school and a lorry goes past you have to cover your nose and mouth or breathe in the nasty red dust. It contains all sorts of germs and around here they can have nasty diseases too, like Typhoid, but so far none of us at the school have contracted anything. But this dust is also our market. It turns to mud with a bit of rain and this gets on people’s shoes and when it dries it is hard to get off without liquid soap. Cleaning is a tough job here and needs to be done so often, that our liquid soap is in high demand, or will be when we can get everything right.

We’re also using liquid soap as a way for the local kids working in the quarry to earn some income. Many work 12 hours a day for a few days each week in order to pay for school fees or to buy some replacement clothes. The dust also wears away the material on clothes when you wash them and so normal clothes don’t last so long here. If a boy is working in the quarry, the dust is even worse and many of the kids there have clothes which are very torn. In a day they can earn no more than 2,000 shillings (about 60p), and selling a few bottles of soap can get them the same money, without the time lost or the risks and dangers of falling rocks.

When we have finished our label, it will say “Transform your home with Chrysalis Cleaning Fluid”, but we hope too to ransform the lives of the quarry kids with the same soap.



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